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February 08 2009

Feb 12

Munich Twestival

18:00 Brickhouse, Optimol-Gelände, Friedenstr. 10, Munich 81671 Add this event to a calendar application
The twitter community is meeting up. If you use it, join!!! Entry fee is 5eur but it will be donated to charity: water.
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February 03 2009

Netzer & Overath

Named after the famous german football players Günter Netzer and Wolfgang Overath. The Netzer & Overath club is located in the Glockenbachviertel in munich. Allthough smoking is allowed I liked it very much.
See my full review on Qype (german).
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February 02 2009

group for munich created

Everybody feel free to join the munich group on soup.io and share links, pictures, reviews and events all around munich
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Got to see it at cinema munich. Loved it! Truly deserves the oscar nomination.
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